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Men's Underwear Sunga Lupo 00480-002

Men's Underwear Sunga Lupo 00480-002

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If you are a man seeking comfort and style in your underwear, the Lupo Cotton Boxer Adult Underwear with Elastane Uniform is the best option. This underwear is made of a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, making it highly comfortable and breathable.

Cotton underwear ensures a natural touch to the skin, keeping it ventilated and dry throughout the day. The elastane, in turn, ensures an excellent fit and keeps the garment in place without being too tight. The cotton boxer underwear also provides exceptional coverage and support, making it a practical and perfect option for everyday wear.

The Lupo boxer underwear also deserves attention because of its current and unmatched design – which works well regardless of the situation. Whether in the office, playing sports, or just having fun, the Lupo Boxer Underwear gives you the self-confidence and comfort you deserve!

95% Cotton
5% Elastane

Composition of cotton and elastane
Perfect fit to the body
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